First real
as Moonbird

Unique generative
artwork PFP
by Alexa Wagner

1.089 collectable
NFTs (ERC-721)
on Ethereum

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What is BirdRalph ?

BirdRalph has been created by Munich based artist Alexa Wagner, as a tribute to Moonbirds. Moonbirds not only created an iconic PFP collection, they also introduced an identity, community, CC0 / IP approach that is bringing NFTs to a next level.

BirdRalph is a collection of 1.089 NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. They are based on the CryptoRalph art and attributes which are uniquely combined with the Moonbirds traits.
So basically this is the first time a Moonbirds derivative is based on a real person life (just like CryptoRalph). 

Some additional information and facts:

  • BirdRalph was generated randomly but still each individually is somehow telling a story
  • Each BirdRalph has at least one Moonbirds attribute
  • Types like Zombies and Aliens are a tribute to Cryptopunks (just like CryptoRalph)
  • Some of the traits are designed according to things that Ralph owned / owns and somehow played a role in his life
  • 33 is real Ralph’s lucky number and there are 1.089 BirdRalph (equal to 33×33)

The BirdRalph fairy tail

Ralph had been wandering through the cave for days, his only companion the dim light of his torch. He had been on a journey to find the legendary mystic tree, a tree said to have magical powers and hold a secret for him.

As he finally emerged from the cave, the exit opened to a breathtaking view. In the middle of a small village, surrounded by only huts and houses, stood the tree. It was enormous, with branches that stretched up to the sky, and its trunk was wider than most houses in the village. Ralph knew he had found his destination.

As he approached the tree, he saw that under it, there was a big egg out of stone, intergrown with the roots of the tree and not being moved since centuries. He reached out to touch it, and as his fingers brushed against the surface. Ralph felt a surge of energy run through his body. The egg started to crack, and Ralph knew that the moment he had been waiting for had finally arrived.

Then a small beak emerged. The hatching process had begun. Ralph watched in awe as the tiny bird fought to break free from its heavy stone shell. With each passing moment, the bird grew stronger, and Ralph could feel its energy radiating outwards. The bird was a symbol of new beginnings and the promise of life.

Finally, with a mighty crack, the egg broke open and somewhat special bird emerged. It looked quite a bit like Ralph – so he decided immediately to name it BirdRalph !

BirdRalph looked up at Ralph, and the Ralph looked back at it. They understood each other, and a bond was formed that would last for all time.

But just as he thought that was it, another beak appeared in the egg and another BirdRalph jumped out and another one. It just continued. The BirdRalphs looked all different, some even alien or zombie like. Ralph was amazed at the sight. It went on for hours, until the last BirdRalph hatched. At the end, there were 1089 BirdRalph around Ralph (which is by coincidence Ralph’s lucky number 33 squared). The BirdRalphs chirped and hopped around him, as if they were greeting him, inviting him for a friendship. Ralph felt overwhelmed but also grateful for the experience.

For Ralph and BirdRalphs, life would never be the same. They were forever connected, and their journey together was just beginning …

Why is BirdRalph a First-of-its-kind NFT?

For the first time a Moonbirds derivative NFT collection reflects the life of a real person and puts it on the blockchain. The artist Alexa Wagner captured the life of real Ralph (her husband) with traits that are designed according to things that Ralph owned / owns and somehow played a role in his life.

See the metamorphosis from real Ralph to AI-BirdRalph to BirdRalph NFT and how it is all linked uniquely together !

Why owning BirdRalph ?

First of all the concept of putting a life of a real person on the blockchain has never been done before (aka CryptoRalph). Adding to this successfully implemented approach now the aspects of Moonbirds makes it even more unique. So owning a BirdRalph is like becoming part of a special community in the history of art.

Secondly, BirdRalph is limited to 1.089 unique NFTs immutably stored and therefore will probably increase in value over time (this is not an investment advice).

Lastly there will be airdrops as well as real world perks coming with BirdRalph – like collecting $CRT and much more …

Who is Alexa Wagner?

Alexa is a Munich (Germany) based artist. In 2007 she opened the VernisArt Studio ( There she started to create and sell her work in quite different styles under pseudonyms like Sophia Lordes, Robert Lange and Maurice.

After this initial experimentation phase Alexa focused to work under her own name in 2010 and painted the first black and white in acryl, which became her signature style. Pieces like „Mann mit Hut“ (man with hat) and „Zwei Gesichter“ (two faces) are highly recognized in the German art scene.

During the following years works like „Neugier“ (curiousness) and „Das Alter“ (the age) underlined the unique style and impression.

This led to a more form and function orientated phase of her creations in 2015. First, with adjusting her unique black and white acryl style also to ornaments in paintings like „Formen“ (shapes). Second, with dimensional surfaces using additional material like linen and glue for „Wellen“ (waves).

In 2020 during the COVID-19 lock-down Alexa decided to make best use of the time at home by learning „computers“ (supported by her husband Ralph ;-). This opened a complete new dimension of creativity. Inspired by the CryptoArt movement (and her husband) the first work with generative art is CryptoRalph in 2021.