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CryptoRalph on Blast
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What is BlastRalph ?

Alexa Wagner created CryptoRalph in 2021 as first real person punk NFT collection. Now she is brining it to Blast, leveraging the innovative technology for her artwork and the community.

CryptoRalph on Blast is a limited collection of 1089 NFTs, which comes with holder benefits (like $CRT), level system and much more.

What is Blast?

Blast is an innovative Ethereum Layer-2 platform that provides native yields for ETH and stablecoins, standing out with features like automatic rebasing for ETH and its native stablecoin, USDB. Designed as an EVM-compatible optimistic rollup, it enhances yield opportunities and returns gas fees to developers, quickly attracting significant investment and achieving a high total value locked (TVL) shortly after launch.

If you’re interested in learning more about Blast or want to get started creating your own Dapp or NFT, there are plenty of resources available online to help you get started.