First real
person’s life
as Noun

Unique generative
artwork by
Alexa Wagner

99 collectable
NFTs (ERC-1155)
on Ethereum / Polygon

NounRalph are available for CryptoRalph holders
Announcement date: May 27, 2022
Mint/drop date: 30. August 2022
Price in $CRT: Raffles / Auctions for $CRT only

What is NounRalph ?

NounRalph have been created by Munich based artist Alexa Wagner, as a tribute to Nouns. Nouns not only created the iconic square glasses everybody in the NFT space recognizes already from the distance. Nouns also introduced an identity, community, CC0 / IP, government and treasury approach that is brining NFTs to a next level.

NounRalph is a collection of 99 NFTs on the Ethereum / Polygon blockchain. They are based on the CryptoRalph art, age groups and attributes. Each NounRalph has a unique set attributes showing details of real Ralph’s life (just like CryptoRalph).
So basically this is the first time a Noun derivative is based on a real person life. 

NounRalph are even more special because of the iconic Noun style square glasses. For Age group Young and Midlife they are identical with the original Nouns glasses (size and colors). For Age group Toddler and Kid the size has been adjusted to fit, while the colors are still original.

Some additional information and facts:

  • NounRalph was generated randomly but still each individually is somehow telling a story – to proof this is possible was core of the art project
  • Each NounRalph has a set of square Noun style glasses. 
  • Age groups are representing the different stages of real Ralph from kid to young man to midlife until his 50th birthday.
  • Attributes are designed according to things that Ralph owned / owns and somehow played a role in his life
  • Aliens and Zombies represent more rare and extraordinary moments in real Ralph’s life
  • 33 is real Ralph’s lucky number and there are 99 NounRalph (equal to 3×33)

Why is NounRalph a First-of-its-kind NFT?

For the first time a Noun derivative project reflects the life of a real person and puts it on the blockchain. The artist captured the life of real Ralph (her husband) in 4 phases from Toddler, Kid and Young to Midlife until his 50th birthday.

The very first NounRalph creation as a 24×24 pixel art was similar to NounRalph #99. Which became the starting point for Age group Midlife. From there the artist worked backwards to Young, Kid and Toddler.

As NounRalph is based on CryptoRalph also has 73 uniquely handcrafted traits. Each of them playing a role in real Ralph’s life either in a specific moment, phase, situation or characterizing him in that Age group.

Why owning NounRalph ?

First of all the concept of putting a life of a real person on the blockchain has never been done before (aka CryptoRalph). Adding to this successfully implemented approach now the aspects of Nouns makes it even more unique. So owning a NounRalph is like becoming part of a special community in the history of art.

Secondly, NounRalph is limited to 99 unique NFTs immutably stored and therefore will probably increase in value over time (this is not an investment advice).

Lastly there will be airdrops as well as real world perks coming with NounRalph – like collecting $CRT and much more …

Who is Alexa Wagner?

Alexa is a Munich (Germany) based artist. In 2007 she opened the VernisArt Studio ( There she started to create and sell her work in quite different styles under pseudonyms like Sophia Lordes, Robert Lange and Maurice.

After this initial experimentation phase Alexa focused to work under her own name in 2010 and painted the first black and white in acryl, which became her signature style. Pieces like „Mann mit Hut“ (man with hat) and „Zwei Gesichter“ (two faces) are highly recognized in the German art scene.

During the following years works like „Neugier“ (curiousness) and „Das Alter“ (the age) underlined the unique style and impression.

This led to a more form and function orientated phase of her creations in 2015. First, with adjusting her unique black and white acryl style also to ornaments in paintings like „Formen“ (shapes). Second, with dimensional surfaces using additional material like linen and glue for „Wellen“ (waves).

In 2020 during the COVID-19 lock-down Alexa decided to make best use of the time at home by learning „computers“ (supported by her husband Ralph ;-). This opened a complete new dimension of creativity. Inspired by the CryptoArt movement (and her husband) the first work with generative art is CryptoRalph in 2021.